Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jaden is two!!!

We had fun celebrating Jaden's birthday this past weekend.  He actually turned 2 on Sunday, but we went out as a family Friday to the museum and DQ, and then had a little party for him Saturday at a local splash park with some friends, followed by more presents on his birthday.
 Jumping up and down while waiting for the museum to open - so excited!
 Water is fascinating!

Jaden finally figured out how to use the water gun without help

 Building with Legos
Jaden really loved throwing things on the spinning disc

About to get really messy at DQ
 Jaden didn't wait for an invitation to open this present - he jumped right in!  Our friends cleverly wrapped it with tissue paper, which occupied him with tearing pieces off for many happy minutes.
 Our AWESOME friend Shannon Melgar made these cupcakes.  Aren't they amazing?
 Jaden blowing out the candle
 Greg and Spencer cheering for Jaden
 Passing around the cupcakes (our friends the Hulls pictured here)
 After getting his hands messy, Jaden decided to use a more direct approach.
 Colin helping Jaden get a juice box.  Look at that face and those hands!
 Our friends the Killebrews enjoying cupcakes
 Jaden was more interested in pushing his friends than swinging himself.
 It's a small splash park, but the kids still seemed to have fun.
 Filling up water guns
 Jaden spent a lot of his time just drinking from the fountain.
 One of the only pictures that actually shows all nine kids together
 The kids figured out that they could use the stretchy flier we handed out to make big splashes.  I love Todd's face here!
 One of our party favors
 The morning of Jaden's birthday - here he is checking out his new Power Wheels car.
 Okay, this was pretty funny.  Jaden had a big pile of presents to open, but the first one was a drawing kit with a roll of paper and crayons.  We opened it up, and Jaden drew . . . and drew . . . and drew.  We had the hardest time getting him interested in anything else!  His big brothers were getting bored.
 Basketball!  Jaden loves all balls. 
 This magnetic farm puzzle was a big hit.  He didn't want to move on from this, either.
Jaden picked up pretty quickly on using these tweezers.  He likes to sort things.

Since I haven't really been blogging lately, here's a quick overview of the things Jaden loves right now.  Not pictured: he loves being outside (even when it's HOT), animals, puzzles (he's surprisingly good at them), and computers (it's hard to keep him off ours). 
Reading!  Jaden loves books, especially tactile ones.  
 Art, baths, and bottles (like shampoo) - combining all three is the BEST!
 Making messes (sigh - the carpet still smells like raspberry lotion.  Could be worse.)
 Playing with his brothers
 Painting, and being mischievous (you can see from the look on his face that he KNOWS he's not supposed to paint on himself)
Building towers with blocks, and playing with his daddy
 We have had a fun two years with this sweet boy.  He's definitely got a mind of his own (and, being two, doesn't hesitate to show it), but by and large he is happy and a joy to be around.  He makes us laugh constantly.  We're so happy to have him in our family!


The Woodbury's said...

Doesn't the time go so fast? I can't believe how big ALL of your boys are now! It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating his special day(s). "Three" will be here before we know it!

April said...

I can't believe he's 2! He's such a cutie.