Friday, January 6, 2017

Greg's Crochet 2016

So this year I learned to crochet.  Specifically "amigurumi" which is stuffed crochet figures and animals.  I thought I'd put together a post detailing all the figures I made this year.

First, I got a book on Star Wars crochet.  I went through the book and made each character one by one:

After that I bought some online patterns and made a Nintendo bouquet for Maria for Valentine's Day:

Having felt like I figured things out, I started making some of my own figures rather than using other patterns.  I made three figures for my boys for Valentines mostly freehand.  One Red Knight from Castle Crashers, One Hatty Hatterson from BattleBlock Theater, and a Mine Turtle from ASDF animated shorts:

Monty Python: Feeling emboldened, I decided I wanted to start making figures from some of my favorite shows and other mediums that never got the proper figure attention they deserved.  So the first was the cast of Monty Python's Flying Circus:

Above from L to R: Terry Gilliam as Cardinal Fang, from the Spanish Inquisition (with Comfy Pillow), Graham Chapman as Military Captain; Eric Idle as the "Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge" guy; Michael Palin as Mr. Gumby; Terry Jones as a Pepperpot (middle-age woman); and John Cleese as Minister for Silly Walks.

From there I started picking shows and making figures.  Here they are in the order I made them:

Mythbusters: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman

 The I.T. Crowd: Roy, Moss, and Jen

Red Dwarf:  Cat (Bottom Left),  Lister (Bottom Right), Kryten (Top Left), Rimmer (Top Right).

Hot Rod: Andy Samburg as Hot Rod

Spinal Tap: Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins

Strange Brew/Mackenzie Bros: Bob & Doug Mackenzie

Austin Powers: Mini Me, Dr. Evil, Austin Powers

Family: I also decided as birthday gifts, I would make figures of all my family.
My sister Sharie and husband Adam:

 My parents Charles and Eileen:

My brother Jeffrey and his wife Melissa:

My sister Shauna and her husband Marc:

Me (Greg) and Maria:

Maria's parents, Fred and Louise:
Stacy & Foxy

Gifts:  And here are other various crochet gifts I made for others this year.

For my friend Nate: Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

For my friends Chad & Melodee: Freddy Mercury from the band Queen and Merida from "Brave"

For a friend of Maria, mini characters of the cast of Friends

For Maria for Mother's Day and Christmas: Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo came first, Kazooie later for Christmas) (both from a pattern)

For Jaden at Christmas: Bloons and Monkeys from the Bloons Monkey Tower Defense games

For Spencer at Christmas: Octopus Scoodie (mostly from a pattern)

For Colin at Christmas: Assassins Creed Scoodie and gloves (both from a pattern)

And that's it.  A year ago I was struggling to figure out how to even start a stitch, and a year later I've got dozens of amigurumi characters scattered around at home and abroad.  I hope possibly to start selling figures or at least creating patterns that others can follow and sell those.  Until then, it's a fun and relatively cheap new hobby.

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Sharie said...

How fun!! I'd be happy to try out your patterns to make sure they are easy to follow. My only crochet experience is a hot pad, but I'd like to try more :).